'Cause when a heart breaks no it don't break even

I am just a young girl with a big heart, low self esteem, and many things always running through my mind.

And I continue to think about you.

Kind of went south with my weight loss there for a while. Went back up to 205 however now I am at 198.(: I can feel the difference in my clothes and even in my bra!

Didn’t do so well today, drank over a liter of soda today and a 16oz rockstar. Lately I have been having rockstars every morning. However I am not eating as much as I used to and since getting my birth control taken out of my arm I have a smaller appetite. I am not sure how to stay on track…. If I am not drinking soda I am craving sweets and if I’m not eating sweets I am dunking too much soda. What is your thoughts and or ideas?

Yesterday was great until I kicked back with some people from work. Then I had an additional liter of soda and a bag of candy…. Ugh. Well today was better. I had fiber breakfast biscuits and a ham and cheese sandwich with only two cans of soda. Moving on to the healthier body(: 

As part of my weight loss journey I have decided to slowly cut out soda. I usually drink four 12oz cans, or even a liter a day. Today I have only drank two 12oz cans. I am not sure what cutting out soda may do or how it will affect me but it couldn’t hurt. What are your thoughts?

I’m officially obese…. Now’s the time to become the healthier and get myself into better shape

Every time we hang out I wonder if I look pretty enough

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